Meet the Artist: Cambria Klein

Cambria Klein

Cambria Klein

Our series dedicated to meeting the artists and collaborators of Mother/Daughter, continues with EBP founder Lauren Leonard (LL) interviewing actor Cambria Klein (CK).

Cambria is a sophomore at Haddon Heights High School and has been performing regionally since the age of 8. She has performed at Walnut Street Theatre (High Society, A Christmas Story, Elf the Musical), and in two new musicals at Delaware Theatre Company. She is grateful to EBP for the opportunity to be part of Mother/Daughter and the Fringe Festival!

LL: At 15, you are one of the youngest in our cast. How and when were you introduced to theatre?

CK: I was 8 years old when I was introduced to theater, and I started by taking classes and workshops in the Philadelphia area. From there, I performed in my first show ever, Elf the musical, at the Walnut Street Theatre.

LL: It’s the start of a new school year. What subject or class are you most excited to take?

CK: I’m most excited about taking Honors English 2 because English has always been my strongest subject. I’m also very excited about taking a class I’ve never taken before called "Theater Arts," which is a class where students can strengthen their acting skills.

LL: I danced throughout my school years and while it was something I loved, it was sometimes hard to balance my school work and functions with my dance classes. Is this something you’ve experienced?

CK: Yes, of course! I always try to keep up with dance classes and workshops as much as I can, without letting it take over my school priorities.

LL: So far, what’s your favorite role and why?

CK: My favorite role would have to be Opal in the musical Because of Winn Dixie because of the deep emotions I had to bring to the character and the amazing time I had in training with a stage dog. It was a life-changing experience for me and it even inspired my family and I to adopt our first dog which we named Dixie!

LL: Was the dog your most interesting cast-mate?

CK: For sure! No other cast-mate will ever be as cuddly and cute!

LL: What about Mother/Daughter appealed to you?

CK: I thought that being in a Fringe Festival performance would be amazing, but the fact that it dealt with mother and daughter relationships intrigued me because I thought it would be relatable and meaningful.

LL: Your character in Mother/Daughter is a teenager learning in a way how to better communicate with her parents. Do identify with this character?

CK: I do, very much. It made me laugh how similar I am to my character and just made me love the monologue even more! So much of it is true, and I have to be honest, I’ll definitely use some of my character’s advice next time I ask my mom for something!

LL: What’s next for you after Fringe? Any upcoming shows?

CK: After Fringe, I will start my sophomore year of high school, and I will be looking forward to my spring school show. As of right now, I don’t have any upcoming shows, but I am always on the lookout!

Mother/Daughter Sept 15 8pm & Sept 16, 2pm, Philly PACK (233 Federal)