Rashomon Season Two Call for Families


Our Mother/Daughter collaborative partner Hillary Rea has put out a call for stories for Season 2 of her podcast, Rashomon.

Rashomon is a long form narrative storytelling podcast that launched in March 2018. Each episode features one family telling every side of the same story. (Listen to Season 1 here.)

The call is for all types of families. Stories from the perspectives of underrepresented voices and underrepresented family structures are of particular interest. The mother/daughter themes will be explored in conjuction with our interdisciplinary spring production.

Themes to be explored in Season 2:

  • The secret lives of mothers and daughters

  • I never told you this but…

  • Before daughter/ After daughter

  • During mother / After mother

  • Family life in Japan (traditional vs. modern)

  • An unexpected family (e.g. change of structure, merge, reconfiguration, forced family)

  • An event where all perspectives differ to an astonishing degree.

  • Tragedy brings family closer together

  • Comedy brings family closer together

  • Small families / Big families

  • Road trip stories

  • Family secrets (e.g. shameful. serious, recipes, tools/tricks of the trade)

If you’re intersted in sharing your story, fill out the form here. Interview subjects must be available between November 2018 and February 2019. Each family member will be interviewed separately.